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Find out more about our regular Yoga and Pilates classes

Beginner Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic class that follows a set sequence of yoga postures, also known as the ‘Primary Series’.

The benefits of following the same sequence each class is that you can really connect to your body (and how is it changing), with less focus on listening to new instructions you can connect more easily with your breath and you’ll always know what to expect from a class (great if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed in life).

This class is aimed at those starting an Ashtanga or flowing vinyasa practice, but intermediate students can definitely benefit from taking the class, providing the opportunity to be slower and detailed with postures and breath.


Level: All levels, beginner friendly

Timetable: Monday: 6.15pm

Taught by :Rosie Tobin

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Power Yoga + Power Flow

Power yoga, like ashtanga and vinyasa is a ‘flowing’ or dynamic class, just with a lot more focus on the strength and cardiovascular elements of yoga.

Taking time to break down elements of postures, building core strength, understanding how to really fire up your hips are all important skills in then being able to flow with ease in vinyasa classes.

Expect an uplifting, but challenging class, often accompanied by some great music too to keep the energy of the class going. Why not try our Saturday warm power class for an extra challenge.


Level:All levels, except complete beginners. Why not try our beginners course first?

Timetable: Weds 6.15pm / Saturday 10.30am

Taught by: Julie Irvine and Kim Leaf

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Hatha Yoga

This class is suitable for all abilities, but especially ideal for those who have previously completed the Beginners Course or Iveridges’ new ‘Introduction to Yoga Practice workshops. If you are more experienced the class offers you a chance to go slower, and more focussed on the meditation of yoga.

The postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and short meditation practices are also integrated.

Expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition and ease of movement. The aim is to improve the confidence of those reasonably new to Yoga, or for those more experienced, an opportunity to explore foundational postures in more detail.


Level: Beginners to Improvers. Why not try our beginners workshop first?

Timetable:  Tuesday 7.30pm

Taught by: Jenny Croston

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Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is a slower, more therapeutic form of yoga.

You will be moving in and out of postures, without the dynamic flow of vinyasa classes, but with lots of guidance on alignment, support using props such as blocks and blankets which help ease the body slowly into the postures.

This attention to detail means that the class is great for beginners or those with injuries or less mobility, or conditions that means you have less energy.


Level: A great beginners option and for those wanting to take it slower.

Timetable: Tuesday 10am / 7.30pm

Taught by: Constance

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Combines the influences of Indian Yoga tradition with Chinese Daoist practices and western science to improve our physical and mental health on many levels.

The emphasis is on long-held passive poses, staying in the postures for sometimes as long as 3 minutes. This slower approach allows more effective stretching into deeper connective tissues, giving them time to adapt and change.

Yin yoga mobilises joints, ligaments, and fascial networks, supporting healing. Yin yoga is also a fantastic mindfulness practice, with the mental / emotional element being one of the more challenging, but rewarding and deeply healing parts of the practice.


Level: All levels, although not recommended for people with hypermobility.

Timetable: Friday, 6.15pm

Taught by: Rosy Cannon

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Pilates and PiYo

Pilates is an approach to strengthen the whole body. Created by Joseph Pilates he described it as ‘the art of controlled movements’.

Pilates is different to yoga, there is less emphasis on larger, full body movements or flowing sequences and more of a focus on strengthening the smaller muscles that are important to stability in the joints. Whilst from the outside the movements look simple and small, having proper control of postural muscles is a real challenge in the sedentary lives we lead.

Pilates is fantastic for anyone needing to work on postural issues, or with muscular- skeletal pain. It is basically a great foundation to work on to support your life, from supporting the body to avoid trips and falls, to improving sports performance

PiYo is a total-body fitness system designed to whip you into shape from head to toe. It combines the practices of Pilates and yoga (thus the name) to help you build strength, lose weight, increase flexibility and have a great time doing it. Combining the benefits of both type of class creates a really enjoyable session.

Level: All levels


Taught by: Ashleigh, Leann and Linzi

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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a ‘flowing’ or dynamic form of yoga will move you from posture to posture, creating heat and total body strength and flexibility.

Called Vinyasa yoga because of the inclusion of the set sequence of postures called a vinyasa (downward facing dog, through to plank, to chaturanga or the floor, into the spinal extension postures of cobra or upward dog, finishing back in downdog) that occur many times through the class, building heat and linking other postures and sequences.

Classes vary in speed and focus, depending on the teacher or level. Often the class will focus on a different intention, areas of the body or ‘peak posture’ to build towards, all with the intention of focussing your attention.

Level: We have 2 All levels classes and 1 intermediate class.

Timetable: Monday 7.30pm / Thursday 6.15/7.30pm (advanced)

Taught by: Alison Slater and Rosie Tobin.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a speciality class, designed specifically to support the body as it changes through the 9 months of pregnancy, a time that is so important to ensure your health, physical and mental is supported.

During a pregnancy yoga class you will not only learn how to support areas of your body that are changing; easing your lower back, strengthening your spine, opening your shoulders, it will give you time to connect with your body and growing baby.

You will learn techniques to support your labour and the first weeks with your baby. Pregnancy yoga gives you space and the support to relax.

It puts you in contact with people in the same place as you, or people who are further along in pregnancy who can offer advice alongside what the teacher has to offer. Most importantly you will meet with other mums in the area, creating you a support network.

Level: All levels (no yoga experience required)

Timetable: Tuesday 6.15pm

Taught by: Alison Slater

Rocket Yoga

The Rocket ™, as the name already suggests is a fast-paced yoga, which is based on Ashtanga-Vinyasa flow. The style was founded in San Francisco back in the 80’s by Larry Schultz by breaking down the rigidity of the classic Ashtanga practice into a more flowy, dynamic, exciting and FUN one.

Even people who haven’t done much yoga before, but who like a dynamic workout, will love this uplifting style of yoga, seasoned with a couple of inversions and cheeky balances, which is designed to make you stronger, more flexible and more energised.

Everyone can try The Rocket! Bring your friends, bring your parents, bring your friend’s mates and their parents. Let’s all come together and have fun, breath and do something that maybe you thought you couldn’t, because, as Larry once said, – “You are stronger than you think you are”!

Level: Open Level (not suitable for beginners)

Timetable: Thursday 10-11am

Taught by: Slava Brooke


Yoga for Kids is a time for movement, mindfulness and wellbeing. Through yoga-based activities, this class offers children the tools to help develop the skills of mindfulness, coordination, strength and flexibility, whilst encouraging their imaginations to thrive.

Suitable for all children aged 5-11, this class will help boost physical strength and mental wellbeing and allow them to practice relaxation and calming techniques.

Level: Children aged 5-11

Timetable: Tuesday 4.15-5

Taught by: Linzi

Pilates and Stretch

This unique class looks at functional pilates based movement to help restore the bodies natural movement and help stay functional.
Using a mix of body conditioning and corrective exercise patterns, this class is perfect for beginners to accomplished trainers wanting to improve their strength and function.
The class finishes with a full body stretch to help promote joint flexibility.  

Level: Suitable for all levels

With Richard: 45 minute class at 10.30am from Thursday  16 Jan.
With Dan: 45 minute class on Friday 7.30 – 8.30.


This is a five week complete beginners course, where we take a friendly, personal approach to teaching the important aspects of a rounded yoga practice, including breath work, basic alignment of some the main yoga poses and of course meditation and relaxation.

This course is ideal if you would like to learn yoga from scratch in a supportive, inclusive environment with an experienced teacher.

It has been designed after speaking to people who felt that Yoga classes “weren’t for them” or they “can’t do yoga” because they’re too inflexible or not young or fit enough. In reality, if you can breathe, you can practice Yoga and anyone able to get on off the floor in reasonable comfort can participate.

You will progress gently week by week, so that at the conclusion of the course, you will feel ready to try out the other classes on our timetable and continue your Yoga journey through 2020.

Amanda will be taking you through this five week course. The investment is only £40 for five weeks and can be booked on Mindbody or through our reception team.

If you have any queries about whether this course is suitable for you, please contact Jenny on

Level: Suitable for all levels

Timetable: Starts Wednesday 15 January for 5 consecutive weeks 7.30 to 8.30

Taught by: Amanda Carter has practiced yoga for almost 12 years, qualifying in 2015 – she is a qualified Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Children, Vinyasa Flow and  Pregnancy Yoga.

Her teaching style is a mixture of Hatha postures, slowing things down, while keeping energy flowing. She also likes to offer challenges to her students as they progress.

Why is it for me?

Yoga is an ideal complement to other forms of exercise or sport.
Many major sports teams and athletes practice Yoga as it offers physical benefits to the body, mental discipline and helps prevent injuries.

Yoga is different as the practice creates movement without causing strain and imbalances in the body. Regular practice help to build strength and improve lean muscle mass.

The ability to move appropriately will be a key component of this class to help you increase your range of movement, developing your flexibility and mobility. We will also focus on engaging the large muscle groups including quadriceps and hamstrings whilst utilising the smaller, deeper muscles to stabilise and support the body.

Yoga improves joint and muscular flexibility, which is crucial to the body’s overall structure. Flexible rotational movement throughout the body, including the trunk, hips and the spine will help stabilise your core, improving hip flexibility and rotation which will help bring balance to the body and strengthen any weaknesses and help prevent injury.
This, in turn, will strengthen your core creating a healthy spine and a healthy body.
Investment (including supporting handouts)
£15 to Iveridge Hall members £20 to everyone else.

Level: Suitable for all levels

2 hour workshop on Sunday 26 January

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