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Why You Should Practice Yoga With Your Children – Family Yoga In Leeds

Why you should practice yoga with your children – Family Yoga in Leeds

We recently added a Family Yoga class to our Summer Holiday yoga timetable so we wanted to delve deeper into why you should practice yoga with your children.

Your families health and wellbeing

Whether you’re a regular yogi or complete novice you’ll understand it has lots of benefits for your physical and mental health. And did you know children benefit as much as adults. An ever growing body of research and much anecdotal evidence confirms that children’s yoga helps:

  • To enhance attentiveness, concentration, focus,
  • Accelerate learning as children release their energy, anxiety and stress in a healthy way.
  • Physically, yoga improves children’s balance, strength and endurance.
  • As children are naturally impulsive and speed through activities, age-appropriate mindfulness exercises, where children learn to be in the present moment, offers psychological benefits, improving focus, memory, self-esteem, and behaviour.
  • Numerous studies also support the theory that regular yoga can help reduce childhood stress and anxiety.
    A bonding experience

The benefits of Yoga for adults and children can be exponential if they practice together.

Bonding time for your family

In our unrelenting juggle of parental responsibilities – keeping them safe and enforcing discipline – we’ve become supervisors rather than facilitators of family bonding and creators of fun.

A typical day starts with a chaotic morning, rushing to get ready for school and work, multiple drop-offs and pickups, dinner and then the struggle for bedtime. In such a fast paced world, the family yoga classes at Iveridge offers a wonderful opportunity to spend healthy, calming quality time together. Parents and children can watch and learn from each other, bridging the differences between them.

Parents see how their children learn and how interact with others. Furthermore, children see their parents as learning too, something that rarely happens allowing them to set a wonderful example to their children.

Children often see their parents as almost superhuman – they never get tired, run out of time or money, and that there is nothing that they can’t do. It’s only right that our children realise parents aren’t faultless. There’ll be poses the children can do but parents can’t, and some activities that the children can do better than the parents, creating a more balanced perception between parent and child.

Family yoga classes are an opportunity to come together in a non-competitive and healthy environment, an hour a week of being present together, without any expectations or distractions is a gift and an important bonding experience.
It also an opportunity to initiate conversation. Children who might typically be engrossed in gadgets or television might enjoy discussion about their experiences in the class, furthering the bonding opportunity with loving dialogue.

Absolutely no experience in Yoga by either adult or child is needed for our series of summer Family Yoga sessions.

Iveridge Halls Yoga Studio will be a shared space of calm, movement, breathing, bonding and most importantly fun. 

Classes are every Friday 11.30-12.30 starting 26 July with Jenny Croston.

Book you and your kids on, £8 per child, with parents coming for free!! 

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