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Why Should I Start Yoga?

Why should I start yoga?

Why should I start yoga?

Good question. Whether you are someone who hasn’t tried yoga but hear their friends forever talking about it (yawn!), or for those who have avoided the yoga fashion altogether, we want to give you some REALLY good reasons to start yoga.

Before we get started we just want to reassure you, NO you don’t have become an instagram yogi,  in fact  you don’t even have to tell your friends you even do it, this practice should be about you.

Here’s our run down on the real reasons you should start yoga.

  1. Yoga helps body and mind. Talk about time saving, especially when you’re busy and probably a little burnt out. A yoga class will provide the physical movement your body needs, and the focus on breath that will help you tune into a sense of calm.
  2. You will get stronger and more flexible. Yes yoga works both on flexibility and strength. The balance between the two is vital to your overall physical wellbeing. In fact we’d argue that true strength requires plenty of flexibility.
  3. Move over stress, you’ll sleep better than ever! It’s the magic combination of the movement, connection to breath and sense of letting go of the stress of the day that makes yoga so good for sleep. Other exercise, that get’s the adrenaline system pumped will do the exact opposite, so gentle yoga is ideal for if you’re feeling restless before sleep and don’t know what to do.
  4. It’s non-competitive movement. Whilst there is always something to work on to keep you motivated and engaged in the class, it doesn’t matter what you can and can’t do, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. It is your time, no one else minds if you lie down for the whole class!
  5. It helps with your other sports and physical activities. Yoga requires a fair bit of coordination, move my foot where, move my spine how? And this is where the real magic comes in for your ability to perform other sports and activities. Once we get our brain and body connected through the slower movements of yoga, it becomes easier to learn other physical skills, because your brain is geared up for it. We learn soon notice our tendencies, compensations and challenges in movement!

As you can see, no matter what kind of person you are or what your interests, some part of a mindfulness movement practice like yoga can really support your wellbeing and performance.

So why not just jump in and give it an opportunity to change you. Just remember, the changes don’t happen overnight, you have to keep practicing and soon enough the magic starts to happen 🙂

Rather handily we have a Beginners Yoga course, have a look!

If this doesn’t suit you, you could consider having a one to one class to learn the basics! Just get in touch to arrange.


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