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Why Do Pregnancy Yoga? Join Our Classes In South Leeds

Why do pregnancy yoga? Join our classes in South Leeds

If you’re pregnant and live in South Leeds we are probably your closest dedicated yoga studio with a weekly pregnancy class.

You might never have considered doing yoga during your pregnancy, that’s why we want to show you how making an hour each week for a local pregnancy yoga class is totally worth it!

Just like our other yoga classes, a pregnancy yoga class will help you move gently with awareness, it will help you connect with your breath, it will give you some ‘you-time’…. the thing is, all these things are SO much more powerful when your body is changing as much as it is during pregnancy. Let’s delve deeper….

Why you should do pregnancy yoga

1. Moving gently with awareness 

Early on in your pregnancy you will probably feel fine moving in most of the ways you usually do, but as time goes on physical changes start happening to you, your gait changes,  your hips tilt and lower back arches, your abdominal muscles stretch, your centre of balance shifts. Thus risk of injuries increases in line with someone who is 70 years old. Therefore it becomes vital to develop awareness of your new body and what feels good, and what doesn’t.

It’s important to move intelligently, keeping areas strong that are taking more load, keeping areas flexible that maybe sore (lower backs) and start to build the strength needed for labour and for carrying your new born (hello strong arms).

2. Connect with your breath

Developing the ability to focus on and control your breathing is one of the most powerful skills you can have when it comes to your pregnancy and labour. Your breath is intrinsically connected to your emotional state and mindset. When we are anxious our breath becomes short and fast, we sigh to express relief, we are told to take a slow breath and we feel better. Learning skills to mindfully breathe gives us the power to control our internal environment, and how we connect with what’s happening outside of us.

3. It will give you some YOU TIME

We don’t need to tell you, it can be tiring being pregnant, and depending on what’s going on in the rest of your life you may be busier than ever in the lead up to having a baby. Rooms to decorate, work to finish up, family and friends to see….a yoga class may quite possibly be the only time you really get away from it all, to switch off. The benefit of having your relax time here in pregnancy yoga, rather than watching Love Island is that you’re doing something great for yourself at the same time. Win-win!

4. You will meet people in your community who are pregnant too!

This may actually be the most powerful part of going to a local pregnancy yoga class. Developing your community and support network is a great way to support your emotional and mental health. Being able to talk issues, worries, plans and ideas with people going through this shared experience is powerful for your wellbeing. If you live in South Leeds, then choosing our studio to do pregnancy yoga is ideal because the people you meet will be more likely to live in your area. If you live elsewhere you may want to check a class that is in your neighbourhood.

Pregnancy Yoga at Iveridge

We hope that this has convinced you that yoga is a worthwhile class to add to your pregnancy. At Iveridge all our teachers are very experienced, and our yoga studio is fully equipped with everything you need to be supported in having a wonderful hour.

Pregnancy Yoga in South Leeds, Iveridge Hall Yoga Studio is every Tuesday, 6.15pm.
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