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How To Find The Right Style Of Yoga…

How to find the right style of yoga…

How to find the right style of yoga…to help you be mindful

Mindfulness is a key benefit and reason to practice yoga, but unless you find the right style of yoga for you, you’ll probably struggle to feel mindful in a class distracted by not enjoying what you’re doing. 

Thankfully there are so many different approaches, interpretations, personalities and beliefs within the yoga world that we will all usually be able to find a good class for our needs. 

A little anecdote to help explain…..
I am someone who enjoys being active, always have, so the first yoga class I ever tried at age 16 with a yoga teacher dressed in white, taking us through gentle movements and doing lots of ‘omming’ .. all I could think was ‘GET ME OUT OF HERE! This put me off yoga for about 10 years! Then when living in London a friend who knew that I loved running and cycling told me about this class where she almost ran out because it was such a challenge…….errrr where do I sign up? I tried my first Bikram class and immediately signed up to a monthly membership. During the class, the intense heat and physical challenge helped me find my mindfulness, I switched off completely to the outside world. To this day, even with the 1000’s of hours of yoga I have practiced and taught, I still struggle to drop into mindfulness and get the emotional benefits from the practice when I am not being connected to my body through challenging movement. 
Others are very different, chatting with an ex-professional cricketer friend the other day, his idea of the perfect yoga class to help him mentally was any class that was like a ‘yoga hug’. Something slow, nurturing and ended up with him being tucked up in blankets. 
When you think about it, given his job was very active, he needed something that did the opposite and took the pressure off, whereas me in London, sat in an office getting stressed needed the power of Bikram to burn off the pent up energy. 

My top tips for finding your mindfulness in yoga: 

Ask yourself some questions, how do you usually switch off? Are you a mover or a rester? If you love moving, youre probably going to find it really hard to be still and your mind will go into overdrive. So choose a higher energy class or one that is dynamic to keep you engaged. But if youre someone who tends to overdo it, maybe work towards trying slower classes once youre more experienced. 

Are physically burned out? If you have an active job or lots of active hobbies you may want to use yoga as your rest and to replenish your energy. If youre feeling tired at the end of a day then youll probably really ease into the gentle and slow pace classes.

Are you tired because you haven’t done anything? This is a good questionif you spend a lot of your time sitting and dont really do much exercise you really should do some movement, but since you’re not a high energy person you may just hate a very physical class, and thus you won’t ease into the practice and breath. So start with something slow but physical, hatha, or iyengar might be right up your street. 

In general, the following should help you in terms of understanding energy and physicality of different styles, so you can find the right class for you to find that mindful moment. Just remember slow doesn’t always mean easy and can bridge the gap between high energy and low energy lovers!

High energy:

Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram / Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Ashtanga, Yoga for Fitness, Core Strength Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga for Sports….

Lower energy:

Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Iyengar, Gentle Flow, Beginners, Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), Somatic Yoga….


Find out more details about all our classes here.

Hope this helps you better find the right yoga class for you whether at Iveridge or anywhere else.

Love Helena

Follow her on instagram: @the_balanced_girl

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