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5 Reasons You Need To Try A Yoga Workshop!

5 reasons you need to try a yoga workshop!

We have a growing number of workshops on our schedule, so why should you try a yoga workshop?

Yoga, such a simple word, but it covers so much. There is the movement element of yoga, the mindfulness element, the philosophy and history, the lifestyle. Certainly far too much to cover in a 60min class, especially when the majority of us simply need to move, stretch and breathe in that hour to burn away the craziness of the day.

This is where yoga workshops come in.
Most yoga workshops will have a specific theme or focus, and are usually at least 2hrs long. As a yoga teacher it is what we really enjoy doing. It allows us to share with you more about the wonders of yoga, rather than touching on something we can go into detail with the aim of helping you understand your body and mind.

Here are 5 reasons you might want to dive on in to a yoga workshop

  • You’ll get a better understanding of every part of yoga, because you’re teacher has time to explain them (great if you’re a beginner!)
  • You’ll get more time in that middle juicy section of the class, where your body is warm and your mind is focussed.
  • You’ll get more therapy! It takes time to ‘feel’ things happen in yoga, in a workshop you’ll have more time to get these lovely feelings.
  • You might learn about those words the yoga teacher says in class! In a workshop we aim to give you a deeper understanding of yoga so you can get more from your classes.
  • Savasana baby! You’ll probably get a longer Savasana and a bit more time for those yoga teacher shoulder massages!

Join us for our next workshop!

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